About Us


Our vision is to position the company as the best tropical fruit exporter available; positioning our products in the most competitive and demanding markets on an international level; distinguishing us by our excellence in our quality, service and security in our operations


Our mission is to become the only tropical fruit exporting company in Costa Rica and possibly in the world with having the highest quality standards, best service for local and international clients, while committing to security in our operations and our collaborators wellness. Striving to expand our business with honesty, transparency and loyalty, so our customers can identify themselves and prefer our products. All that while being economical and protective towards our nature.


Our short- and longterm objectives include:

– The promotion, production and commercialization of our tropical fruits and derivatives products

– To constantly improve our production and commercialisation techniques, through the promotion of good agricultural and industrial practices in relation to natural preservation and minimal disturbance of the existing nature

– Rancho Quico is committed to its policy of bringing you and your customers only the freshest, healthiest, most nutritious and most importantly, safe products available.

– We believe in strict environmental health and safety controls with having our practices embodied in our GLOBAL GAP certification amongst many others

Fresh Fruits Quality Guarantee:

No matter the size of your order, Rancho Quico guarantees that we will deliver only the highest quality products that are fresh and delicious, so that when your customers experience its flavours, it tastes almost as if it had just been picked.

We guarantee that you will be delighted with our products and our personal service.

We stand by our reputation, our name and quality.